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Coaster Set | Surprises In Our Sea

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We will be donating £1 for every set sold to Sea-Changers.

Pufferfish, Orca, Smack of Jellyfish, Walrus

A set of special coasters designed to raise money and awareness for Sea-Changers showcasing surprises in our seas. Sea temperatures are rising. This may explain why we are seeing surprising specials off our shores. Cork absorbs CO2 - Part of the solution. 

We have enjoyed working with Sea -Changers, supporting nationwide projects and competitions to improve our marine world and look forward to continuing to do so. Our new set of four coasters, surprises in the sea, are a reminder that sea temperatures are rising and as well as raising awareness will raise money to support Sea-Changers. 

Organic cork coasters with simple contemporary designs. Inspired by nature, grown in Portugal, hand printed in Cornwall. These are a set of 4.14